A Note - From our Education Officer, Max.


Southport Educational Update

June 2019

There are four items of discussion as we enter the summer which are: (1) a small, but successful ABC course in April, (2) fall seminars, (3) Boat Handling for 3rdquarter, and (4) need for education volunteers. 

1. ABC Course, May 18- we held our second ABC course on Saturday, May 18. Thanks to Christy Beavers, Jim Carey, Bob Klug and Rich Alt for another successful class.

2. Fall Seminars – we are still planning to hold the How to Read a Chart and VHF Radio seminars in October. 

3. Boat Handling – Boat Handling (formerly Seamanship) is the first advanced grade course in the education progression. This course will expand on the topics covered in the ABC course. You will feel and be more confident on the water. It will be an 8-session course with a test at the end. If you are interested, it is important to let me know so we can develop a workable schedule. 

4. Need for Education Support – As I stated in my April update, our instructors are first-string performers, but our bench is thin. We could use a few good instructors and a few volunteers to assist with the logistics of putting on a class. I would be glad to discuss any of the opportunities.

I hope to hear from you in regards to the Boat Handling course and actively supporting our education program. In the meantime, I hope to see you at the meetings and on the water.

Max Sykes 

Squadron Education Officer

910 274 5995