• Partners in Command seminar in January.  
  • Boat Handling in February. 
  • Tides and Currents in Early March. 
  • Celestial Navigation in March.  

December Education Note - From our Education Officer, Max.


Our education efforts continued in November with Americas Boating Course (ABC course) on Monday, November 5. 16 people signed up with 14 people taking  the test and passing with flying colors. Thanks to Andy Bunch, Bob Klug, Jim Carey, and Christy Beavers who led the successful class. 

We are currently planning a one day session of the (ABC course) for Saturday January 19. After attending the boat shows, this will be a good time to take a safe boating course while the weather is less than perfect for boating. If you have not taken the class, plan to join us. To reserve a spot, send me an e-mail at hmsykes@atmc.net

The education plans for February are for a Partners In Command seminar scheduled for February 23. This seminar is for the passenger to be able to assist the skipper in normal operation and, most importantly, how to respond in an emergency.  

While we are feeling a bit of cabin fever waiting for the temperatures to rise, we may wish to check out some of the on line seminars offered by Americas Boating Club. On-line seminars are available for topics including GPS, Marine Radio, Weather and others. Check it out.